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Our founding principle is commitment and our team will approach every job with integrity, reliability, and friendly service.

The Lines on the Road, That’s Us.

New Beginnings

D2 Striping began in 2005 as AFD Pavement Marking, a family-owned striping company. At the time, we had one small striper, one full-time employee, and a mission to offer exceptional customer service. We have grown quite a bit since then, and in 2023, we renamed our company D2 Striping. 

One thing hasn’t changed: we continue to apply high-quality pavement marking, treat others the way we want to be treated, and adhere to only the highest industry standards. We pride ourselves on our kindness, our integrity, and our respect for others. 

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Road Workers Group With Thermo

New name, Same Service

Our striping technology is efficient, legible, and durable – and it always has been! Though we have expanded in recent years, we continue to use only the highest-quality

preformed thermoplastic, employ knowledgeable professionals, and ensure customer satisfaction following every transaction. 

An Industry and Community Leader

At D2 Striping, we owe our success to our invaluable team. As we have grown, we have made sure to remember our roots as a community mainstay, and we honor this spirit by remaining 

approachable, friendly, and above all, respectful. We believe that success and empathy can – and should go – hand in hand.

Men painting the white line marking on a roads . 1936

Our History

D2 Striping was created in 2005 as AFD Pavement Marking by Verlyn Feekes. Incorporated in 2007, we built our legacy one stripe at a time, forming long-lasting community bonds and fulfilling contracts in Colorado, Wyoming, and areas east of the continental divide. In 2023, we transitioned ownership to investor

and traffic technology innovator Dan Dietrich to expand our impact and bring consistent striping to a wider market. We will continue to look to the future for innovation and honor the past with a continuation of our pavement marking legacy.

Why Striping?

Original owner Verlyn Feekes and new owner Dan Dietrich both got their starts in pavement marking. Verlyn has been leading D2 Striping, formerly AFD, for decades now,

D2 Striping Currently Serves Customers In:
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Areas East of the Continental Divide

while Dan has expanded to other avenues, but has always longed to return to his original passion. Together, they hope to expand the impact D2 Striping can have on the traffic industry.

D2 Striping Always Strives For:
  • Quality Striping Results
  • Timely Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction
World map of customers served by D2 Striping (Colorado, Wyoming, Areas East of the Continental Divide)

Our Services

D2 Striping offers a variety of different pavement marking services to our customers. We never cut corners on projects, our jobs

are executed with an approved schedule, and customers receive transparent communication every step of the way.

Permanent and Temporary Striping

We offer both permanent and temporary pavement marking solutions for Highways, Roads, and Streets. We boast a fast response time and a caring, professional team.

Specialty & Custom Painting

We can implement specialized legends or symbols to highlight situation-specific traffic conditions.

Preformed Thermoplastic

The industry standard for its durability and light reflection, D2 Striping uses only the highest-quality preformed thermoplastic to mark roadways. Made of a specialized component that adheres to the pavement or road when heated, this material outlasts paint and other similar substances, making for the most efficient traffic marking solution.

Parking Lot Striping

We offer both new layout and resizing contracts for any size parking lot. Our professionals utilize waterborne or oil-based paints for readability.

Our Values


integrity badge yellow and blue

We stand by our promise of customer satisfaction by being honest about our abilities, offering value, and always completing our jobs to the highest standards. 

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We treat our customers how we want to be treated. Whether you are a customer, an employee, or a supplier, we vow to ensure your role in the process is respected.


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Our number one goal is, and always has been, the complete satisfaction of our customers through high-quality offerings, good value, and friendly customer service.


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Our team has accrued over 200 years of striping and project management experience and encompasses professionals from all corners of the industry.

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Pizza Hut

Your team was very professional and did an excellent job in a timely manner. We will definitely be in touch.

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Washington County Oregon

Easy to work with, great communicators, great product.

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White Construction Group Colorado

Out of all the striping companies out there, D2Striping was by far the best. They were on time & very budget friendly. They didn't sell us on more expensive products. They understood our budget and stayed within our limits. Highly recommend to others needing marking services.